Product Overview

Our extensive product pipeline is intended to address consumer and farmer needs from “concept to fork” and “concept to field”.

We categorize our stages of pre-commercial development from Phase I to Phase III. Prior to entering Phase I, in Discovery, we identify genes of interest. In Phase I, we edit the identified genes of interest and produce initial seed that contains the desired edit. Phase II is trait validation, where we perform small-scale and large-scale tests to confirm phenotype and ingredient functionality. In this phase we also perform replicated, multi-location field testing, after confirming that the product is not a regulated article by the USDA. In Phase III, we develop the first commercial-scale pilot production, begin to build out the supply chain and inventory and perform customer testing prior to commercialization.

While we intend to initially deploy our commercial strategy in North America with respect to our current product candidates, we also see many avenues of potential future growth beyond North America. In particular, over time we may explore opportunities to apply our commercial strategy elsewhere around the world and leverage our North American products and footprint to target geographies where there are unmet consumer or farmer needs. We also intend to explore the ability to add value through our existing product candidates once they are commercialized by combining traits in the same crop, which may allow us to create products with additional benefits without adding significant cost.

In the near term, we are planning an expansion of our campus to enhance our gene-editing automation processes and develop a high-throughput discovery platform to identify new growth opportunities. We believe this high-throughput platform will allow us to discover more products, make more complex edits and enable us to drive product innovation at a significantly faster rate. We believe our expanded campus will be the only “concept to fork” facility of its kind, containing gene-editing labs, greenhouses, fields and a commercial kitchen to develop, test and showcase products. We believe all of these steps will enable us to remain at the forefront of food and agriculture innovation.