Commercial Strategy

Calyxt’s commercial strategy is centered on two core elements: developing healthier specialty food ingredients, such as healthier oils and high fiber wheat, to enable the food industry to address evolving consumer trends.  We also develop agriculturally advantageous traits, such as herbicide tolerance, for farmers. Both approaches involve developing and leveraging our supply chain to effectively bring our consumer- and farmer-centric products to the marketplace. For our consumer-centric products, we intend to repurpose and leverage existing supply chain capacity by contracting, tolling or partnering with players in the existing supply chain, such as seed production companies, farmers, crushers, refiners or millers, which we expect will allow us to apply our resources to maximize innovation and product development and minimize our capital expenditures and overhead. For our farmer-centric products, we intend to broadly out-license our products to the seed industry.

Two major market segments