High Fiber Wheat

Fiber is the indigestible portion of food that is essential for healthy digestion. Research has shown that fiber may play a large role in maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood glucose levels and controlling weight gain. In recent years, the awareness of the health benefits of high fiber diets has increased. This has translated to a strong growth in demand for high fiber food products, with 38% of grocery shoppers now seeking high fiber foods. We are developing high fiber wheat traits that could be used to produce white flour with up to three times more dietary fiber than standard white flour. We anticipate that by altering the proportion of certain slower digested carbohydrates in the wheat grain, we will increase dietary fiber. This would allow consumers to reach their daily value of fiber without changing their existing food preferences. These new wheat varieties will not contain any foreign DNA. We believe our high fiber wheat flour will be incorporated into many food products—from pasta to bread. Whereas a single serving of whole wheat flour can provide 49% of an individual’s daily fiber needs, a single serving of our high fiber flour may provide up to 100% of the recommended daily requirement thereby allowing food manufacturers to make high fiber products sought after by many consumers. This product is currently in Phase I of our development process.

A single serving of Calyxt high fiber flour may provide up to 100% of the recommended daily value.