Calyxt applies customized techniques at a state of the art facility to develop products using diverse technologies that could apply to a broad range of horticultural and agronomic plant species. The platform utilizes technical expertise in many facets of plant tissue culture and horticultural science. Platform scientists are well versed in various technologies including protoplast isolation/regeneration (see more below), biolistic and T-DNA-mediated techniques.

From a Single Cell to a Whole Plant – the Power of Plant Protoplasts

A plant protoplast is simply a plant cell that no longer has its rigid cell well (it has been removed either enzymatically or mechanically). Millions of protoplast can be isolated from a single plant leaf. The protoplast isolation and regeneration knowledge developed at Calyxt allows for a single, modified cell to develop into a whole plant, forging a new path for the creation of improved plant varieties. Transient expression of a TALEN® into the single-cell protoplast system allows for precise gene editing, while eliminating the risk of foreign DNA integration. The creation of these new varieties using the protoplast system is already applicable to a wide range of crop families. Calyxt scientists are continually developing new handling techniques in plants for which there is little known about the protoplast system.


Plant protoplasts isolated from Canola leaf tissue.


Callus regenerated from individual protoplast cells.